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Slurry Stores

We can build and take down agricultural Slurry stores with the use of Construction Jacks. We have a large range of suitable Jacks so that we can work on unit sizes from 15' to 150' in diameter.


Top ring of slurry store being lifted ready to add next ring


All base works, concreting and fitting of Jetters, Stirrers are completed by our construction crew.


Finished new PERMASTORE® Slurry Tank

In the current economic climate the storage of water for agricultural, horticultural or industrial use is becoming more prevalent. We welcome enquiries to supply and install Water Storage Tanks in the range of 5,000Ltr to 6,000,000Ltr Capacity. All Slurry Tank re-builds meet BS5520 standards.



Forage Silos & Grain Stores

We can take down Silos of all sizes using Specialist Construction Jacks which for safety purposes are fully tested and insured. The Jacks are fixed inside the bottom of the structure in a circle, connected by PTO shafts and driven by an electric motor. This enables staff to work at ground level and lower the Silo ring by ring in complete safety.


When we re-build a Forage/Grain Silo the top ring and roof is built first (as shown above) and rings added as the Silo is jacked up section by section to the required size. After building is complete the structure is bolted to the concrete base using Rawlbolts and then concrete works are finished off.


Finished Maize Corn Silo in Brittany, France

All our Silos are tailored to our customers requirements, whatever size or make and includes new Sika-Flex® sealer, nuts, bolts and washers. We buy and sell all sizes of glass fused to steel sheets, Slurry Stores, Forage and Grain Silos.

For over 15 years we have been agents for PERMASTORE® agricultural Slurry Stores in Leicestershire and surrounding Midlands area. The construction of PERMASTORE® Silos for other agents has also been undertaken throughout the UK.

Large stocks of plastic headed, galvanised Silo Bolts, Nuts and Washers are available from our premises, along with Construction Sealants, Silo Safety Equipment, Access Hatches and Ladders.





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